Handmade Holidays

I have been so busy with other things,t hat I have barely touched my machine. How sad!

But Sew Momma Sew is hosting Handmade Holidays again this year. Hopefully I will find the time to participate. Perhaps you should too.


I made a hand puppet

For some reason, our little Z has taken to removing her shoes and sock, and placing said sock on her hand while saying something that sounds like "Elmo!" We think she's trying to use her sock as a puppet, but we aren't sure. So I had to make her one. I used a simple pattern that I found here. I decided to upcycle a pair of jeans from another daughter. I really liked those butterflies, so I'm glad to still have them around.

I guess that we will call her Lydia since the butterflies go down her back like tattoos. I should have pinned before I sewed because there are some places where I missed stitches. The denim was a bit bulky, so her hands aren't as rounded as I would have liked.

I tried embroidering her facial features. I chose a hot pink since it matched the butterflies, but the contrast isn't what I had hoped for. I'll have to think about how to go in and use other colors to add more contrast. Maybe a dark purple.

I've gone and critiqued myself until my project seems a total mess. I guess it turned out alright for a quick project. We'll have to wait and see if Ms. Z likes it.