2008 Photo Ornament

I'm attempting to start a tradition of the annual photo ornament. I get really sentimental when I pull out the ornaments that my babies made when they were in preschool. They are by far my favorite. And now that only one child is left in preschool, I figure I need to be responsible for carrying on that tradition.
Photo Ornaments

Last year I was heavily pregnant, so we went with some store bought craft foam that we taped a picture to and added some glitter. It worked, I guess.
2007 Ornament

This year I had planned to be far more elaborate, but then I realized that it would never get done if I went along that path. So I opted for simple. We used old cereal boxes, dollar ribbon, and pictures from our printer.

Basically, I printed the pictures on regular printer paper. I then cut out rectangles from the cereal boxes that were a bit larger than my pictures.We glued the picuters to the cardboard. I then cut ribbon to size and hot glued it around the pictures. I thought about decorating the backs with wrapping paper, but I didn't have any on hand. And we were keeping it simple, remember? So one of the kiddos wrote 2008 on the back for me.
2008 Ornaments

I had the ribbon laying around for a impulse buy at the dollar spot of a popular chain store. Unfortuneatly, we ran out halfway through. We went to buy more, but the inventory was different, so I had to get different ribbon. My mistake here was to cut the ribbon in half in an attempt to make it fit the small border. It now sheds, and I apologize to the recipeints who will have to deal with that.
2008 ornaments, set 2

Maybe if I start sooner next year, we'll get more fancy. In the meantime, I'm glad that I actually completed a project and got it in the mail!!!!
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