Fabric Quiet book

It’s been way too long since I posted. Anyway, for years I’ve wanted to make a fabric book for my daughter. You know, one of those educational quiet books with zippers and snaps. But in my true fashion, the daughter that I originally planned to make it for is now 13 (really?!!!), and it never happened. 
The fault, as usual, is mine because I just couldn’t go simple. I first obsessed and bought books on eBay. 

They were great resources, but they do no good if I don’t attempt any of the projects. Perhaps I’ll do some book reviews to justify the purchases.

I decided that just plain zippers and snaps weren’t enough, so I checked out books on stump work to make them more elaborate. One of the sweet ladies from my quilting bee was kind enough to let me know that I was putting a lot of work into a book that a baby would neither appreciate nor take care of. But nothing’s too good for my baby, right?

I researched fabric journals because I wanted more than the simple binding techniques that I found online. This resulted in more book purchases.

In the end, I got started, got frustrated with all of the time and not liking the results (did I mention that I’m a perfectionist?), and I quit.
Three babies and 12 years later, I’m trying it again. I am trying to keep it simple. There aren’t even any snaps or zippers in this one. I just printed pictures onto fabric and machine appliquéd. I’m not thrilled with my technique, but I started. I did end up adding embroidery, which is slowing me down.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I will make progress!!
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