13 years in the making

I have finished my first quilt of the year (and for a few years, actually). Since I'm participating in the UFO Challenge at Stashbuster, I had to get going on some quilts that I've started and not finished. This one, I'm sad to say, was started almost 13 years ago for my baby (who obviously isn't a baby anymore). Now that I'm at baby number four, who is already two years old, my oldest has been on my case about finishing her quilt.

So I took the blocks that I already had, the stars and cathedral windows, created some disappearing nine patches, and put it all together. I think I'd call it a lap quilt now. I look at it and see a ton of faults. My cathedral windows leave a lot to be desired. One of my stars was put together incorrectly. I'm not so hot at squaring blocks, so my new blocks and my old blocks are a bit different in size, which caused problems when I put them all together. I was in a rush to get my binding done, so it is so uneven that it's beyond sad. This quilt isn't winning any prizes, but my daughter is glad to have it, and that's what matters to me. That and being able to say that I've finished something.
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Debbi said...

Erika, I think it's fantastic that you finished this quilt...whatever you say your errors are. The memories are there. I love the balloons! Good work! Debbi

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Love it! I have always wanted to learn to do this! Gorgeous!

Deborah said...

The quilt has a lovely joyful feel to it - i am sure it is going to be much loved.