I finished something!

This was originally posted on my old MommaQuilts blog.

OK, it's not a quilt. I've been pleased with the fact that I've kick started my sewing again. The down side it that I have too many things going at once. I put in my 15-30 minutes a day, so there is progress. But no completion.

So I had to find a crafty project to complete to give me a boost. I made these fabric boxes for holding my works in progress.
I think I like them. I adjusted the tutorial at applehead. They are a little floppy, but they serve their purpose well. I'll get back to quilts when I get back to town. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
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1 comment:

jmbmommy said...

I like the boxes...I am thinking of trying this tutorial...I am liking them really large. Great work!