Fabric Quiet Book Lessons Learned - Part 2

In my previous post, I shared the things I learned from making my first fabric book. This post continues those observations.

My biggest issue is with the pages themselves. I found lots of sources for creating this type of book (like here and here). Since I wasn't in the mood to bind multiple pages, I treated my fat quarter like a single sheet of paper and created a foldable book, an idea I got from the book Cover To Cover. Unfortunately, my measurements were apparently off a bit because some of my pages are wider than others. This made it difficult to bind my book in the manner I had planned.

In spite of all the faults I've named, there are some things I do like – besides the fact that I actually finished a project.

I like the photos, but I'm afraid that they won't last. I went quickly and a couple seem to be peeling a little. Since I suspect I'll need to wash this book at some point, we'll have to wait and see how this turns out.

I like these bullion flowers that I learned to make here. I know that I will be including this in more things that I make in the future.

And I liked finishing the covers with ribbon that I've had a long time trying to find just the right project.


Overall, I enjoyed this project and am pleased with the results. I'll continue striving to make it better.

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