As seems to be the trend in many places on the blogosphere, I have discovered the joy of thrifting.

What I’ve learned about myself is that I like vintage. I have to admit that I have secretly loved visiting Goodwill for a while. But I thought I was just cheap, and I would hide my rare tags and bags from my husband. But after discovering the Thrifty Chicks and the Frugal Fashionista, I’ve started to shop with my head up.

Recently, I seem to have developed an obsession with jars and storage containers. I’m sure it’s a result of participating in the kitchen cure and seeing these images of jars as storage. And this week I scored these vintage Tupperware containers.

Although I don’t recall seeing these specific containers in my childhood, they made me think of some containers my grandmother had. 

And this lead me to ebay where I discovered toys that I had as a child but had completely forgotten about. What great memories. (I'll let you know if I win my bid!)

I’m still trying to categorize what I don’t mind getting second hand. I have an obsession with chairs, so I’ve picked up a few of those. One day I’ll get around to attempting reupholstering them. I’ve grabbed some drinking glasses and a couple of blazers.

I've been on the lookout for a dresser for my kids' room, and I find that I gravitate towards antique styles. I'm currently loving old school storage containers and serving dishes.

When it comes to furniture, my more favorite second-hand option is Craigslist, but I’ll save that for another post.
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1 comment:

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Love those jars with the colorful lids! There's hardly anything I don't love to get second hand--which often is actually brand new and never used. And it's way more fun to find it for next to nothing!