I'm in: 48 Hour Book challenge

I’ve decided to participate in the 48 hour book challenge. So I think that I will reread and write reviews on some of those craft books I purchased.

I also hope to get my daughters to each read at least one book and write a review. I know that school just let out, but they’ll thank me for it later.

I'm starting Saturday morning. Why don’t you join in?
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Rasco from RIF said...

Hope you and your daughters are enjoying the Challenge....great idea to have them participate! I have finished my time and am so glad I participated in this first ever book challenge of any kind for me. Learned a lot! Happy reading.........

Laughing Stars said...

What a pretty blog! Have fun with the reading challenge.

Erika said...

Rasco, I wasn't successful this time in getting them to read and review. Next time, though.

Laughing Stars, thanks for the compliment. This challenge was interesting and fun!