Review: Busy Christians

Busy Christians: Patterns for cloth books (1978)

by Janet Sage 0570079284, 119 pages

Summary: This book is primarily composed of patterns for pages in a quiet book based on biblical themes. Sage has written three other books in this series.

Review: This book is a bare bones minimum on directions. Guidance is offered on materials to use and steps to bind the book. However, the pages that give patterns for the different pages of the quiet book have no written directions. One would need to have some other book with more detail or have some experience in making such books.

Recommendation: I checked out all of Sage's book through the library prior to buying this one. Although the directions are minimal, I wanted at least one book from the series because I like the patterns with moving parts. I was hoping that, after making such a page, I could improvise to use the techniques on other patterns. I would recommend it to someone who has experience at making such books and who is looking for other pattern ideas.
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